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If you've recently learned that your building or facility isn't up to code, don't panic. Dotson Electric specializes in all aspects of commercial/industrial electrical work, including inspection and code enforcement repair. We can provide the necessary updates and improvements needed to bring you back up to code compliance.

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Precision Electrical Repair

Not exactly sure what the problem is? Our professional electricians are master troubleshooters and will quickly find the source of your problem. We can make minor and major repairs of circuitry, industrial machinery, wiring, and building code requirements.

Your business can't afford downtime - especially when it could have been avoided. Get precision, long-lasting electrical service today.

Depending on the needs of your facility, a backup energy source may be critical. Losing power, even for a very short period of time, can lead to serious problems and losses. Our recommendation would be to always have a high-quality, reliable generator wired into your existing system to ensure there are never any power problems at your facility.

Are Your Backup Energy Needs Reliable?