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Greenhouses are all about consistency. Without consistent light and temperature, your life of your plants will suffer. Trust the professionals at Dotson Electric to fully outfit your greenhouse with all of the wiring, lighting, and electrical components you need to keep your plants, flowers and vegetables growing all year.

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Year-Round Electrical Work

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, we're always on call and ready to promptly respond to your service requests. If your greenhouse requires electrical work, call any time.

There's nothing quite like a flourishing greenhouse. To ensure the ongoing health and safety of your plants, call our professionals today.

If your greenhouse was built many years ago and isn't adequately wired for your current electrical needs, we can help. Our experienced electricians will provide an on-site analysis of your greenhouse to determine the best, most effective wiring design, and quickly install all of the necessary wiring, outlets, and more.

Custom Electrical Design And Wiring