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Inclement, dangerous weather is a year-round threat, and your ability to successfully get through those storms depends heavily on electricity. Both residential and commercial spaces are vulnerable to power outages, but not when you've got a backup system in place. Rely on Dotson Electric for sales, service and installation.

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Remodeling Projects

Remodeling projects often require that power be cut off for long periods of time. If you're at home during these hours or the repairs are being done to your store or office, that down time can be much more than an inconvenience.

Sooner or later your power is going to go out. It may last a few minutes, but it could last days. When the storm hits this year, will you be prepared?

When you've got a generator, you never have to worry about flashlights, candles, emptying your refrigerator and freezer, buying ice, and all of the other inconveniences that come with an elongated power outage. Why deal with the stress, inconvenience and costly expenses?

It's Better To Have A Generator And Not Need It...

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